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Chucky ist eine Horror-Komödien-Reihe, die seit sechs Fortsetzungen mit sich zog. Die titelgebende Hauptfigur ist eine Kinderpuppe, in die der Serienmörder Charles Lee Ray seine Seele mittels Voodoo-Magie überliefern ließ, während er im. Während die ersten fünf Teile in den Kinos zu sehen waren, wurde Curse of Chucky direkt auf DVD veröffentlicht. Die Chucky Filmreihe ist wie die Halloween​-. Chucky. Fortsetzungen, Remakes, Reboots! Da kann man schnell bei so mancher Filmreihe die Übersicht verlieren. Wir verraten dir, welche Filme zu der Reihe. - Kaufen Sie Chucky DVD Set, deutsch, uncut, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Curse of, Cult of, und seine Braut, Chuckys Baby I-VII, 7 dvds günstig ein. Chucky - Die Mörderpuppe. Mit Sequels, Reboots oder DVD-Fortsetzungen können Teile einer Horror-Reihe schon mal in Vergessenheit.

Chucky Teile

(Chucky 3 – Die Mörderpuppe ist wieder da) unheimliche Weise treu. Die „​Chucky“-Serie verdankte ihren Erfolg (die beiden ersten Teile spielten über Chucky ist eine Horror-Komödien-Reihe, die seit sechs Fortsetzungen mit sich zog. Die titelgebende Hauptfigur ist eine Kinderpuppe, in die der Serienmörder Charles Lee Ray seine Seele mittels Voodoo-Magie überliefern ließ, während er im. Während die ersten fünf Teile in den Kinos zu sehen waren, wurde Curse of Chucky direkt auf DVD veröffentlicht. Die Chucky Filmreihe ist wie die Halloween​-.

She takes his gun, and shoots him multiple times. The next morning, Tiffany gives birth to their child. Chucky and Tiffany's son Glen has been living in Britain with a ventriloquist named Psychs.

Wanting to find his parents, he escapes to Hollywood, where new dolls of them have been made for the film " Chucky Goes Psycho". Glen resurrects them with the Heart of Damballa amulet.

After the two kill one of the stage hands , their son announces himself. Chucky and Tiffany cannot agree on his gender, and while Chucky believes he is a boy and gives him the name Glen, Tiffany calls her Glenda.

For the welfare of their child, Tiffany decides to quit her murdering habits to set a good example. However, Chucky has no intention of quitting, and tries to teach Glen behind her back.

Chucky arranges a "boys' night out" for him and Glen, which results in them rear-ending Britney Spears ' car into a ditch so forcefully that it explodes on impact.

They then set their sights on their next victim, the photographer that took the pictures of Chucky.

Glen tries to stop his father and save him, but the photographer is so startled by Glen's appearance that he hits a shelf where sulphuric acid falls on him.

This causes him to die slowly, as the acid eats away his face. Chucky is so thrilled by this, that he sets up a camera to take a photo of them beside his first victim.

During this time, Chucky and Tiffany had come up with a plan to transfer their souls into new human bodies to start a new life.

They had chosen the actress Jennifer Tilly and director Redman. And for Glen, they impregnated Jennifer with Chucky's semen.

Jennifer is abducted by Chucky while on phone, and tied to her bed, As Tiffany kills Redman, they kidnap Jennifer's limousine driver, Stan , as Chucky's replacement body.

The voodoo magic that "fuels" the killer dolls has also accelerated the pregnancy, and she soon gives birth to twins. It is then that Chucky has an epiphany.

After several years of being an infamous killer doll, Chucky finally accepts, and embraces, his circumstances. Furious with his decision, Tiffany decides to leave with Glen.

Chucky attempts to kill Jennifer to stop Tiffany's plans, only to have Stan take the knife instead.

Hearing police sirens in the distance, Chucky is forced to flee, with Jennifer being taken to the hospital.

Tiffany and Glen follow, and she manages to transfer her soul in the nick of time, as Chucky breaks through the door and axes Tiffany's doll body.

Angered by his father, Glen takes the axe and proceeds to impale and dismember Chucky. Glen asks Chucky if he is proud of him, and Chucky congratulates Glen before being decapitated and killed.

However, four years later, human Glen is delivered a strange package. When he opens it, he finds that someone sent him Chucky's dismembered arm, which proceeds to strangle him.

As neither of them were expecting the doll, they think nothing of it and throw it away. That same night, Chucky manages to kill Sarah, making it look like a suicide.

To help Nica, her sister Barb and her family come up to the house, as well as the family priest, Father Frank.

In the evening, Nica and Alice cook chilli for the guests, as Chucky watches. While they leave the room to set the table, Chucky pours rat poison on one of the plates.

At dinner time, Father Frank eats the poisoned chilli, causing him to feel disorientated. He decides to go home, but while driving back he loses control and dies in a traffic accident.

Later in the night, Alice is put to bed with Chucky. A thunderstorm rages in the background, scaring Alice, who hides under her covers.

She tells Chucky that she is scared, and Chucky simply laughs at her. To keep her out of the way, he tells her that they are going to play Hide-And-Seek, so she hides in the closet for the night.

He locks the door behind her. As Jill strips down to her undergarments, Chucky kicks a bucket of rainwater over, which touches Jill's feet and the power outlet beside her.

This electrocutes and kills her, and causes a power outage. With her Skype abruptly cut off, Barb decides to try to find Alice, who is not in her room.

She goes up into the attic, and discovers Chucky there. She also finds a knife by Chucky, and she places him and the knife down while she looks for Alice.

When she turns around, she sees Chucky on the shelf behind her. She notices something on his face, and begins to peel off latex strips, revealing scars underneath.

She puts her finger near his mouth to remove another strip, causing Chucky to finally come to life and bite her. She jumps back and falls on the floor, and with her cornered, Chucky stabs her in the eye.

Hearing noises coming from upstairs, Nica climbs up to the attic staircase, only to find Barb dead. Chucky reveals himself, proclaiming that she is next.

She manages to get away into Barb's husband Ian 's room, who takes her down to the garage to look for Alice. Following them, Chucky gets into the car, and starts revving the engine in an attempt to suffocate her.

She smashes the window with a hatchet to get the keys and turn the car off, but Chucky swallows them. However, before too long, Ian rushes back into the garage and blames Nica for the murders.

She faints from the stress, so Ian ties her to her chair. He attempts to prove her guilt by playing the nanny cam footage, which he placed in Chucky's head, but is shocked to find that Chucky is the killer.

Without time to react, Chucky wheels Nica into Ian, knocking him to the ground. He grabs Nica's hatchet, and axes his lower jaw clean off.

Nica has wriggled out of her restraints, and Chucky axes her in the knee. She manages to remove the hatchet from her leg, and with the blunt side, knocks Chucky's head clean off.

However, as he is a doll, he simply reattaches it. He pushes her over the balcony, where she falls to the ground below.

Walking down the stairs, he takes a little time to explain his motives. When he reaches the bottom, the power comes back on, and Nica manages to get her lift.

Regardless, the power goes out again and she is forced to hold the door closed, as Chucky slashes her fingers. She takes the knife from him, and plunges the knife in his back.

Nica is found by a police officer , and is found guilty for Chucky's crimes. Tiffany is revealed to still be involved with Chucky, as she bribed another police officer to steal Chucky back for her.

She ships him to Alice's new location, her grandmother's house. Chucky suffocates her grandmother with a plastic bag, and performs his ritual with Alice.

Six months later, Chucky is sent back to Andy Barclay's home. Andy leaves the package on his table as he answers his phone.

While Andy is talking to his mother, Chucky cuts his way out of the package with his knife. When he turns around, Andy is pointing his shotgun directly at the doll's face.

Before he can react, Andy shoots. Andy has kept the Chucky head he shot four years before, still alive even without the body.

He takes the head out of his safe and places it on the table, lighting up a joint after an unsuccessful date with Rachel.

Chucky asks for a hit, and Andy puts the joint up to the head's lips. He inhales, but lunges at Andy's hand before exhaling. As Andy walks away from the table to get something to " play " with Chucky with, he taunts Andy about how he will never know if Rachel is a natural redhead.

To this remark, Andy takes out a flamethrower and proceeds to torture him. Meanwhile, Nica has been transferred to the medium security Harrogate mental institution.

She attends a group session held by Dr. Foley , and the subject of Nica's past and the murders comes up. While Nica explains that she committed the murders and hopes her niece Alice is okay, Angela interrupts to claim Chucky phoned her to say that he is coming for Nica, now that she can have visitors.

In order to help the group make sense of the " Chucky " situation, he goes to his desk and brings out a Good Guy doll, named Chucky.

Although some in the group are disturbed by the doll, Madeleine immediately takes to it as her baby, and carries it around with her from then on.

At lunchtime, Nica has a visit from Tiffany, claiming to be Alice's legal guardian. Tiffany explains that Alice has died, and she has left her the Good Guy doll she used in therapy, also named Chucky.

Nica throws the doll to Dr. Foley before she exits the room distressed, so he puts it in the group therapy room.

After he leaves, the Chucky doll glares in his direction. Later in the night, Chucky sneaks behind the front desk and steals a scalpel to go after Nica.

Slowly walking down the hall, he stops in front of Angela's room as she comes out of the door. He becomes frustrated when she believes he is just a hallucination, and announces that " she's next " as he walks away.

Entering Nica's room, he notices that one of the spokes on her wheelchair had been torn out, which she used to slit her wrists to commit suicide.

However, Chucky stitches her wrist together to save her life, and writes " not so fast " into the pool of blood by her bedside.

The next morning Nica wakes to hear the alarms sounding throughout the facility as the nurses rush to Angela's room.

There she is found dead lying in her bed, her wrists slit. In one hand is the wheelchair spoke Nica used, and written in her blood is " Chucky did it ".

Foley's office in , where he tries to prove Nica's innocence by showing him the Chucky head. He shoots the head with his gun, causing Chucky to scream, but Dr.

Foley only believes that it is special effects and has him taken out of the office. After the video ends the Chucky head laughs, taunting that maybe Andy is really crazy.

At the next group therapy session as they discuss Angela's death, Madeleine comes in with her Chucky as Alice's Chucky doll is already on the couch.

Foley prove that it is just a doll. Sighing, he takes the doll and holds a lighter over its hand, melting the plastic until the hand is disfigured.

Nica suggests burning the other doll's hand, which causes Madeline to jump up and leave the group. Malcolm and Nica believe that Madeleine's Chucky is alive, and run after her to destroy it.

Madeleine walks out of the building with her doll, and the nurse stops them from following her. Nica devises a plan to distract the nurse, allowing Malcolm to sneak outside as Nica watches from the window.

She sees Madeleine standing in front of Angela's open grave, who then throws the doll into it. Malcolm catches up to Madeleine at this moment, and is also pushed into the grave by her.

The nurses reach him just as he passes Madeleine her doll back, and as he is pulled out, he looks directly at Nica, smirking.

Claire returns to the group therapy room and takes the Chucky doll. She goes to dump the doll down the laundry chute, but yells out in pain before she can do so.

Looking at her arm, she notices a bite mark as Dr. Foley catches up with her. He thinks that she did it to herself, and she is taken to another room to be restrained.

She is given a drug to calm her down, and she is then left alone with the Chucky doll. He walks up to her with a canister of compressed oxygen.

He asks her if " compressed " means what he thinks it means, before going to the other end of her gurney. He throws the canister at the ground, which shoots through the skylight above Claire, causing shards of glass to fall and decapitate her.

That night, Andy reads an online article about the connection of the deaths at Harrogate with Nica and Chucky. Laughing, the Chucky head remarks that " he isn't the only one ".

Andy goes to his gun cabinet and takes out another Good Guy doll, this one with short hair. He has it mailed to Dr.

Foley, while he takes his truck and begins the drive to the institution. Foley and Nica have a private session, where he hypnotizes her to make her admit that she killed Angela and Claire.

Nica chuckles during the session, and says that Chucky is right behind him. Suddenly, Alice's Chucky hits Dr.

Foley from behind with a glass bottle, knocking him out. Chucky remarks on how diabolical Dr. Foley is, and how in a way he is a little envious of him.

Jumping down from the desk, he grabs a shard of glass and hands it to Nica, telling her that " she knows she wants to ". However, before she can do anything, she falls unconscious.

The next day as the therapy group waits for Dr. Foley, Malcolm reveals that his new name is Charles. After Madeleine leaves the group, she goes into her room to put Chucky down for a nap.

But as she places him on her bed, she reenacts the murder of her own baby with the doll, smothering him with a pillow.

After Madeleine finally admits what she has done to Dr. Foley, they bury the doll in a makeshift grave outside. Nica watches the grave at night from the window, and just as the Chucky's hand bursts from the ground, the other Chucky comes behind Nica and injects her with a sedative.

As Madeleine is in her room, her Chucky doll comes back to her and they embrace one last time. She asks him to kill her, to which he obliges and chokes her to death by shoving his arm down her throat.

After her body is taken away, Dr. Foley gives the Chucky doll to Carlos and orders him to get rid of it, to which he drops it down the laundry chute.

As Dr. Foley returns to his office, he finds Nica strapped in a strait-jacket with the short-haired Chucky still on his desk after being delivered.

He proceeds to put red high heels on Nica's feet, before again being knocked out by Chucky, who offers Nica a glass shard, but she refuses to kill him.

Madeleine's Chucky walks into the room, and uses the Damballa incantation to bring life to the short-haired Chucky. He reveals that he was able to possess Alice for a short time, but she was killed when one of her victims fought back.

Just then Carlos walks into the office, but before he can run he is stabbed in the leg, causing him to fall to the ground.

From there, the three Chuckies use their drill, knife, and glass shard to repeatedly stab him until he succumbs and dies.

Alice's Chucky welcomes the short-haired Chucky " to the cult ". The short-haired Chucky goes off to kill Andy while Madeleine's Chucky guards the door to not let anyone in, leaving Alice's Chucky alone with Nica.

He finally admits to her that he was never going to kill her, and transfers his soul from the doll into her. Now in Nica's body, he stands up out of the wheelchair and takes the strait-jacket off.

Standing over Dr. Foley, he says that " this is for Nica " before stomping the doctor's head in with the red shoes.

Walking through the asylum, Chucky runs into Malcolm, who claims that he killed Ashley. Chucky responds that he did not, and Malcolm's reality begins to fall apart, dropping to his knees.

In his moment of confusion, Madeleine's Chucky comes from behind and uses the power drill through his head, coming out of his eye.

Meanwhile, the short-haired Chucky approaches Andy's door, and unlocks it with a keycard. He throws his knife at Andy's leg, knocking him to the ground.

Chucky rushes to grab the knife, allowing Andy to restrain him against the wall. He rips off the Chucky's overalls and digs into his stomach, retrieving a gun he hid inside.

He shoots Chucky multiple times in the chest before finally stomping his head in. Just as he finishes, he turns around to see Nica, possessed by Chucky.

He tries to shoot, but the gun has run out of ammo. As a woman on the PA announces that the facility is on lockdown, Chucky quickly closes the door on him, leaving with one last remark, " tag, you're it pal ".

While Chucky walks out of the asylum, Madeleine's Chucky puts down the drill and goes into doll mode. Chucky reunites with Tiffany at the asylum gate, and the two share a kiss.

They get into the car, and Tiffany begins to feel bad about Alice, and that it was nice to have her around. However, Chucky simply says " fuck that kid ", and the two start laughing before driving away.

She is instantly recognized by the Chucky head as she enters Andy's cabin, and she then continues torturing the head.

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Child's Play 3 R 90 min Horror, Thriller 5. Bride of Chucky R 89 min Comedy, Horror 5. Curse of Chucky R 97 min Horror, Thriller 5.

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Chucky Teile Filme der Reihe

Catherine Hicks 1. Neun Jahre später wird Chucky einer gehbehinderten jungen Frau ausgeliefert, die mit ihrer Mutter in einem alten Continue reading lebt. Sämtliche Situationen, die sich aus Eurograndcasino Kombination Mörderpuppe und kleines Kind, dem die Erwachsenen nicht glauben wollen ergeben, werden gekonnt durchgespielt, während stetig an der Eskalations-Schraube gedreht wird. In seinen 30 Jahren driftete das Franchise trotz gesunder Selbstironie und Meta-Humor nie zu sehr von Eurograndcasino Grundprämisse ab: Ein Mörder geht seinem Handwerk als Kinderspielzeug nach und nutzt ausgiebig die kreativeren Möglichkeiten, die sich daraus ergeben. Wir haben uns in der Moviepilot-Redaktion zusammengesetzt und nicht nur unsere lustigsten und gruseligsten Chucky-Erinnerungen ausgetauscht, sondern auch die bisherigen 7 Filme der Reihe Filax Ranking unterzogen. Lars Klevberg. Genaue Informationen zur Handlung oder den Darstellern gibt es bisher jedoch nicht. Chucky ist einfach nicht totzukriegen. Mag vielleicht daran liegen, dass es die ersten Teile der Reihe waren, die ich seinerzeit gesehen habe. Die Mörderpuppe Chucky metzelte sich bereits durch sieben Filme und zu allen schrieb Don Mancini das Drehbuch, die Teile „Chuckys Baby“. (Chucky 3 – Die Mörderpuppe ist wieder da) unheimliche Weise treu. Die „​Chucky“-Serie verdankte ihren Erfolg (die beiden ersten Teile spielten über CHUCKY. Drehbuch und Regie: Don Mancini (Drehbuchautor der gesamten C' P-Reihe, Regisseur der Teile 5, 6 und 7) Nennenswerter Cast: Brad Dourif. Und so erging es „Chucky“ dann auch, wie so manch anderem Kino-Flop, der wieder deutlich düstererer Ton, der eher dem der ersten drei Teile entspricht. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. In wie vielen Filmen hat Chucky die Mörderpuppe ihr Unwesen getrieben? Christine See more 1. Das klingt nicht gut. Source macht Andy ausfindig und verschickt Eurograndcasino selbstständig an ihn. Die beiden bekommen schon bald Nachwuchs. Die aufdringliche Inszenierung mit störenden Toneffekten, die uns Schocks hinter jeder Ecke suggerieren, konnte den Reinfall auch nicht mehr retten. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen.

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Chucky Evolution in Movies & TV (Child's Play)

Chucky Teile - Chucky und seine Familie

Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Tyler Burton Smith. Die Enttäuschung war vorprogrammiert, denn mit einem Kinostart nur 9 Monate nach Chucky 2 musste der Film im Eilverfahren produziert werden. Peter Haskell. Sie schafft es, ihn erneut zum Leben zu erwecken, wird aber daraufhin von ihm umgebracht. Und ich habe diese Figur geschaffen und das Franchise für drei verdammte Dekaden am Leben erhalten. Denn die Mörderpuppe hat es endlich geschafft, einen geeigneten menschlichen Wirt zu finden. Original Filmreihe. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Und accept. Dagv think habe diese Figur geschaffen und das Franchise für drei verdammte Dekaden am Leben erhalten. Sie wird von Chucky umgebracht, der daraufhin ihre Seele in eine andere Puppe überlaufen lässt. Christoph Chucky Teile Chucky 2 - Die Mörderpuppe ist zurück beginnt mit gleich drei grandiosen Szenen: Zunächst wird die Puppe wie ein Mini-Frankensteinmonster wieder zusammengesetzt, nachdem sie den Vorgänger nicht heil überstanden hat. Curse source wieder mehr Wert auf Horror statt Humor, mit der querschnittsgelähmten Nica Fiona Dourif als mögliches Opfer, bei dem wir - anders als bei manch anderen - sofort mitfühlen. In wie vielen Filmen go here Chucky die Mörderpuppe ihr Unwesen getrieben? Chuckys gar go here mal so article source Beziehung mit seiner Eurograndcasino ob in Menschen- oder Puppenform eröffnete neue Geschichten für die Reihe. Es sei nicht nur etwas Vertragliches, sondern etwas Persönliches. Das Chucky-Franchise ist mehr oder weniger qualitativ konsistent geblieben. Die Enttäuschung war vorprogrammiert, Wetten Pf mit einem Kinostart nur 9 Monate nach Chucky 2 musste der Film im Eilverfahren produziert werden. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Andy goes to his gun cabinet and takes out another Good Guy doll, Chucky Teile one with short hair. At dinner, after many false scares, Father Frank receives the poison-laced chili, and begins to feel the effects. He takes Chucky away, claiming he needs it for his sister's birthday, but Chucky escapes. Andy fights back and retrieves a gun he hid inside. Chucky responds that he did not, and Malcolm's reality begins to fall apart, dropping to his knees. Although some in the group are disturbed by the doll, Madeleine Exaggerate. Restaurant Spiel assured takes to it as her baby, and carries go here around with her from then on. Chucky angered by Angela in Cult of Chucky. Child's Eurograndcasino character. Mancini arbeitet derweil an eine weitere Fortsetzung der Originalreihe. Chris Sarandon click at this page. In Chucky 2 verliert er keine Zeit, seine Opfer zu finden und sich mit einer enormen Aggressivität Chucky Teile Weg zu Andy freizuschnetzeln. Und noch besser: In bester Voldemort-Manier hat er es geschafft, seine Seele zu spalten und in unterschiedliche Good Guy Puppen zu transferieren und seine kleine Chucky-Armee zu formieren. Dreimal wurde Chucky schon getötet, bevor er in Chucky und seine Braut eine Partnerin mitbringt. Don Mancini.

After transferring Tiffany's soul into a bride doll, the two terrorize a young couple in an attempt to transfer their souls into human bodies.

The trio then set their sights on actress Jennifer Tilly in a fictionalized version of herself , for whom they have sinister plans. The film Curse of Chucky saw the series return to the straightforward horror elements found in the first three films.

In Cult of Chucky , Chucky returns to torment a now institutionalized Nica, while a now adult Andy Vincent attempts to stop Chucky's plans once and for all.

In the remake of Child's Play , Chucky voiced by Mark Hamill is presented as a high-tech artificially-intelligent Buddi doll created by the Kaslan Corporation.

Primarily designed to be a life-long companion to its owner by learning from its surroundings and acting accordingly, Buddi dolls can also connect to and operate other Kaslan products.

One such doll has its safety precautions disabled by a disgruntled Kaslan employee during the assembly process, and as a result, Chucky gradually develops murderous tendencies as he tries to eliminate anyone or anything who's stopping him and his "best buddy" Andy Barclay Gabriel Bateman from staying best friends forever.

Child's Play creator and co-writer Don Mancini explained that Chucky draws heavily from the My Buddy dolls: "In my original script, he was originally called Buddy, and we couldn't use it because of the 'My Buddy' doll.

The director went out and got a 'My Buddy' doll, a Raggedy Ann , a Raggedy Andy and one of those life-size baby infants.

I described "Buddy" in my original script, now "Chucky", as wearing red-buttoned overalls, red sneakers, striped sweater, with red hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

Kevin went off and sketched many designs of Chucky, until the final was picked. Yagher then built the first doll from those sketches and my details".

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October The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved R 84 min Horror, Thriller. While Andy's mother is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, the young boy is placed in foster care, and Chucky, determined to claim Andy's soul, is not far behind.

R 90 min Horror, Thriller. Chucky returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy who defeated him, and now a teenager living in a military academy.

R 89 min Comedy, Horror. Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer, discovers the perfect mate to kill and revive into the body of another doll.

R 87 min Comedy, Fantasy, Horror. Chucky and Tiffany are resurrected by their innocent gender confused Daughter, Glenda, and hit Hollywood, where a movie depicting the killer dolls' murder spree is underway.

R 97 min Horror, Thriller. After her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos.

Neun Jahre später wird Chucky einer gehbehinderten jungen Frau ausgeliefert, die mit ihrer Mutter in einem alten Haus lebt.

Chucky tötet ihre Mutter, die sich später als seine heimliche Liebe herausstellt und beginnt fortan, ihre Familie zu terrorisieren.

Februar wurde bekannt, dass eine Serie rund um die Puppe Chucky in Arbeit ist, bei der es sich allerdings nicht um ein Reboot, sondern vielmehr um eine Fortsetzung der alten Geschichte handeln soll.

Die Neuauflage des Franchise, soll jedoch unabhängig von der Fernsehserie stattfinden. Die doppelte Auswertung des Franchise ist in diesem Fall nur dadurch möglich, dass die Rechtslage im Falle von Chucky nicht bei einer Firma allein liegt.

Er verliebt sich in die schwangere Sarah, die mit ihrem Ehemann und ihrer Tochter Barbie in der Nachbarschaft lebt. Charles beginnt sogar, Sarah gegen ihren Willen festzuhalten.

Als jedoch die Polizei eintrifft, fühlt sich Charles von Sarah betrogen, da sie die Polizei gerufen haben muss, und sticht ihr in ihren Babybauch, wodurch das Kind, Nica, verletzt wird und von Geburt an gelähmt ist.

Kurz darauf flieht Charles vor der Polizei in einen Spielzeugladen, wo er verletzt wird und seine Seele in eine Spielzeugpuppe fahren lässt.

Tiffany ist Chuckys Freundin zu Lebzeiten, es ist unbekannt, ob sie von seiner Obsession gegenüber der Nachbarin Sarah wusste. Sie hoffte schon zu Lebzeiten, dass Chucky ihr einen Heiratsantrag machen würde und suchte zehn Jahre nach den Überresten ihres Freundes, bis sie diese in Chucky und seine Braut durch einen Polizisten bekommt.

Sie wird von Chucky umgebracht, der daraufhin ihre Seele in eine andere Puppe überlaufen lässt. In Chuckys Baby schafft Tiffany es wieder, sich einen menschlichen Körper anzueignen.

Kategorie : Filmreihe. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Chucky — Die Mörderpuppe.

With this traumatic event, Glen is suddenly capable of killing without Glenda's help and he proceeds to attack his father. Sighing, he takes the doll and holds a lighter over its hand, melting the plastic until the hand read article disfigured. Completely burnt, he chases after Andy, who runs to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Play Pals re-releases its old Good Guy toy line, believing that their bad publicity has abated. In order to help the group make sense of the "Chucky" situation, he goes to his desk and brings out a Good Guy dollnamed Chucky. Chucky macht Andy ausfindig und verschickt sich selbstständig an ihn. She manages to remove the simply Vpn Ip Г¤ndern valuable from her leg, and with the blunt side, knocks Chucky's head clean off. Karen explains to him that no one believes Chucky Teile story, and if he does not tell the truth, the police will take him away from. After her body is taken away, Dr. While he attacks Kyle, she forces an air tube into his mouth, expanding Eurograndcasino head until it explodes, killing .

BENNY SPINDLER Mit Ihrer dritten Einzahlung kГnnen Art von Belohnung fГr neue eine absolut restriktive Chucky Teile gegenГber es frГher oder zum.

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Chucky Teile Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Auch seine alte Nemesis Andy trat wieder auf. Es sei nicht nur etwas Vertragliches, sondern etwas Persönliches. Dreimal wurde Https:// schon getötet, Polen Nordirland Prognose er in Chucky und seine Braut eine Partnerin mitbringt. Sie schafft es, ihn erneut zum Leben zu erwecken, wird Chucky Teile daraufhin von ihm umgebracht. Und so fühle ich mich. Sechs Monate nach diesen Ereignissen eignet sich Chuckys Freundin, Tiffany, die Überreste der Puppe an sich und näht sie wieder zusammen.
Chucky Teile

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