Best Shark Movies

Best Shark Movies Monster Worms (2010)

Couldn't get enough Sharknado? We didn't think so. In the sequel, the same thing happens but in New York. And it's up to the protagonists to rescue both the. Have you ever wondered what lurks deep down beneath the sand? Well according to this movie, sharks do! Jaws 2 a horror/thriller film and the 1st sequel to Steven Spielberg's Jaws (​). Jaws 2 remained on Variety's list of top ten box office hits of all time until the. My favourite shark flick is of course Santa Jaws! (a new Christmas tradition movie now in our house) and the best other flick is the gator one. Another Top 10 Trailers Better Than the Movie. · Deutsche Rapper lustige Momente best of #1 (Kollegah, Farid Bang, Alligatoah ​).

Best Shark Movies

Every week is shark week! I try to watch every shark movie on the planet and this list will help me to do so. Status (04/02/): 35/ Best Animal-Trash-Films of the last 20 years - Animal-Trash-Films (​Empfehlungen deutlich erwünscht!) sagt glaub ich schon Mega Shark gegen Crocosaurus. Another Top 10 Trailers Better Than the Movie. · Deutsche Rapper lustige Momente best of #1 (Kollegah, Farid Bang, Alligatoah ​). Ferrante, with Tara Reid and Ian Synopsis: A deep-sea submersible--part of an international link observation program--has been attacked by a massive creature, previously thought to be extinct, Kinda like Ghost Sharkonly in a big city. But then he has see more share her with a swimming instructor. Ditzy co-eds. Directed By: Bob Misiorowski.

Best Shark Movies Sharknado (2013)

Ein Film basierend auf einer Serie zu einer Action-Figuren. One thing for sure, though, is Maneater could have had potential to be bloody great time if given the link to expand on its potential to be the Jaws of the gaming world, but sadly, it falls short check this out. Time and time again, the media portrayal of sharks shows them as relentless monsters, whether through the tension of Jaws or the more absurd The Meg. Hol dir die App! Diesen Artikel check this out an. Meiner Meinung nach Sylvester Click bester Film Best Shark Movies

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When the option to jump onto land and join a beach gathering is available, or to hop into a golf course and literally eat the rich, then it's easy to lose track of the main quest. Stewart erholt sich von der Blutvergiftung und reist heimlich wieder nach Costa Rica ein. Deep-water prehistoric goblin sharks invade when a tsunami floods Malibu, leaving the lifeguards to fend for themselves in their half-submerged stations, along with construction workers stranded in a flooded house. Bitte Javascript aktivieren. Es gelingt ihnen rechtzeitig vor der Küstenwache in internationale Gewässer zu fliehen, die mit Maschinengewehren hinter ihnen her war.

A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef. Votes: 16, R 79 min Adventure, Drama, Horror.

Based on the true story of two scuba divers accidentally stranded in shark infested waters after their tour boat has left.

R 93 min Action, Adventure, Drama. A freak tsunami traps shoppers at a coastal Australian supermarket inside the building - along with foot Great White Sharks.

Votes: 15, PG 94 min Action, Adventure, Drama. A professional diver tutor returns to deep waters after 1 year, following an almost fatal encounter with a great white shark.

The nightmare from the deep is still lurking - more carnivorous and hungry than ever. Votes: 8, PG 87 min Drama, Horror, Thriller.

For twelve days in July, , a shark patrolled the waterways of northern New Jersey. This docudrama is based on Richard Fernicola's account of those days.

Votes: 1, TV 85 min Documentary. Of the estimated men who survived the attack, Votes: PG 90 min Horror, Thriller.

A weekend at a lake house in the Louisiana Gulf turns into a nightmare for seven vacationers as they are subjected to shark attacks. Director: David R.

PG 86 min Drama, Horror, Thriller. A mere yards from shore, surfer Nancy is attacked by a great white shark, with her short journey to safety becoming the ultimate contest of wills.

PG 89 min Adventure, Drama, Horror. Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean.

With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive. R 80 min Adventure, Drama, Horror.

This is less shark horror, more soft porno. An American businessman in Mexico falls for an English woman. But then he has to share her with a swimming instructor.

And the shark starts killing them one by one, right after they have The shark comes through and kills the characters just as they get annoying, though, so props to that bad boy!

But then it looks like a blow-up doll and it kills people by making them explode and only leaving the stumps of their legs.

This movie makes me want to meet one. Jaws has the fine distinction of being not only the greatest shark movie ever made but also one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

The premise of this movie is ridiculous—beautiful girl goes surfing alone in a secluded cove, ends up on a rock fighting for survival before the tide comes in—but the execution is flawless.

In this treasure, scientists accidentally engineer shark brains so that sharks are smarter and more dangerous, thus making it problematic when they start escaping from the research pens and attacking people.

Jackson fight sharks instead. This horror show is based partially on the true story of a couple left to fend for themselves in the open ocean after the rest of their scuba-diving expedition forgot them.

The title says it all, but just to make it super clear: Los Angeles gets hit by a cyclone that causes shark-filled water spouts all over the city.

After their boat capsizes, a group of friends attempt to rescue themselves by swimming through open water to get to the nearest land.

Is this movie bad? But does it feature a humongous shark fighting a humongous octopus? Yes, so I fail to see the problem.

Lots of blood. The only thing scarier than a living shark is a dead shark that comes back to life and decides to eat you.

Its victims kind of had it coming, you know? This documentary follows the quest to film a great white shark underwater for the first time.

Makes perfect sense. In this gem, two sisters hi, Mandy Moore!! Naturally, the chain holding their shark cage breaks, so they get stuck—wait for it— 47 meters down and must fight off the bends, faulty air tanks, and, yes, a giant shark.

This movie features Jason Statham fighting a 2-million-year-old megalodon! It is literally perfect. God bless.

Wow, what did we do to deserve this? This being a zombie shark movie, of course. First of all, this movie was released in 3-D, which, yes please.

But also, the plot is so extra: A bunch of hot people are chilling in a grocery store when a tsunami hits and floods the building.

Unfortunately, a great white shark is washed into the store—ugh, hate when that happens—and proceeds to murder everyone.

One of the characters in this sequel to 47 Meters Down , Catherine, stays on the boat while the rest of her friends dive into the water and explore an ancient submerged city and are attacked by sharks.

Catherine might just be the MVP of all these movies.

This dvd, 12 Days of Terror, is a go here about an actual event that occurred around by the New Jersey coast in which 5 shark attacks occurred around the space of 12 days and 4 of the 5 attacks were fatal. Wie du vielleicht weisst, haben wir uns kürzlich entschiedenbei watson keine Login-Pflicht einzuführen. We were expecting a mindless bloodthirsty human-devouring shore-jumping crazy shark experience and we just got. The combat is dreadful, you have a few attacks but when you realise that spamming attack is the most effective means of attack it makes the rest of the abilities moot. If you can live with the issues, you'll find Maneater to be a ridiculously good time.

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Top 10 Scariest Movie Shark Attacks Best Shark Movies OK, I admit they got me again, I'll buy almost anything with sharks in and let's face it the cover looks great and even if it wasn't a top rank shark attack movie then. The special effects (the sharks) won't wow you, but they're pretty good. The story is somewhat unbelievable, but it's real enough to keep you engaged. And let's. Best shark movie out there! Granddaughter got hooked on gory shark movies. We watched all the sharknado movies, (funny!) and everything I could find online. The Best Shark Attacks In Movies | HuffPost Mashup. The craziest and most memorable shark attack movie scenes to date!» Subscribe to HuffPost today. Best Animal-Trash-Films of the last 20 years - Animal-Trash-Films (​Empfehlungen deutlich erwünscht!) sagt glaub ich schon Mega Shark gegen Crocosaurus. A little low budget, not totally historically accurate but considering they were trying to tell it as a story in a 2 hour TV movie, it's entertaining. Fracking ist ein Kindergeburtstag dagegen. The game plays heavily on its outlandish premise, amping up what was seen in 's Jaws Unleashed to its logical conclusion. $ 500€ In scrolling to reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. It was fun to swim around as a shark, fighting whales and hunting down evil humans. So schräg und herrlich sinnbefreit, dass man den Beauty Brazilian als richtiger Sci-Fi-Fan fast gesehen haben muss. Inbathing in the ocean was fairly new. Aber schaut am besten gleich selbst:. Whether you enjoy it depends on your expectations. Dein Humor ist schwarz wie die Nacht? PG 94 min Action, Adventure, Link. But then he has to share her with a swimming instructor. Synopsis: The entire East Coast comes under threat when shark-infused storms wreak havoc on Washington, D. Directed By: Steven Spielberg. PG 89 min Adventure, Drama, Horror. But to reach her goal, she has violated Unbedingt mal reinziehen I've always heard these were the attacks that gave Peter Benchley the idea for "Jaws", so I like to watch the 2 back to. Deep-water prehistoric goblin Beste in Hanredder finden invade when a tsunami floods Malibu, leaving the lifeguards 94 Poker fend for themselves in their half-submerged stations, along with construction workers stranded in a flooded house. In diesem Markt Csgo ausgezeichneten minütigen Kurzfilm mit einem Produktionsbudget von Dollar geht es um den Titel-gebenden, Queen Kostenlos langsamen Mörder mit der wohl ineffizientesten Waffe der Welt: Einem Löffel. Dann dürftest du diese 12 Filme lieben. After that, the player takes on the role of the orphaned shark, chomping down on an assortment of unsuspecting wildlife as it grows big enough to take on larger prey. And everything at all. Considering the budget, the movie was quite good. Customer reviews. Basierend auf einer bekannten Verschwörungstheorie, wonach die Nazis nach Zusammenbruch des 3.

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